“From our weaknesses, God's power is revealed.” - Sister Nektaria

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%100 of the funds are donated to the orphanage

In India, for a child to have an opportunity for success, they must go to an English Medium School. The need for the school strikes at the heart of serious issues facing India. World leaders are calling for governing officials to take action on the world-wide issues of poverty, illiteracy, and trafficking. In a small town on the outskirts of Kolkata, Sister Nektaria is working with local leaders to combat the serious effects of this global issue.


No one is immune.  No one is untouched.



Sister Nektaria is a Greek Orthodox nun who is deeply committed to the education of these children. Her orphanage, located in the impoverished outskirts of Kolkata, is also the only affordable English Middle School in the entire region. The Theotokos orphanage currently houses 140 children while the St. Ignatius school accommodates 635 children. With the new school building, this number could grow to 2,000, but they need your help.



We are in a state of urgency because if the school is not built by April of 2018, they will lose accreditation. This will invalidate their high school diplomas and stop students at the 8th grade level, locking them into a life of poverty.


These children have nowhere else to go because of their extreme poverty. This is the only affordable English Medium School in the entire region.







Donor level: any amount helps


Pupil Level: $125 provides a full year of elementary education for a student


Friend Level: $250 provides a full year of upper education


Benefactor Level: $500 provides two years of education


Scholar Level: $1,000 furnishes an academic classroom


Professor Level: $5,000 funds laboratory amenities

(your name goes on a collective plaque)


Angel Level: $18,000 funds a classroom
(your name on a solo plaque)



We humbly ask for your donation, and or prayers, as they radiate goodwill.



How Your Money Helps the St. Ignatius Building Fund

Please consider a donation as the spirit moves you, and help ensure that Sister Nektaria’s mission of hope and love continues.

100% of donations go directly to the orphanage.


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